Sound solutions in broadcast entertainment

From the X-Factor to Britain’s Got Talent, Delta provides state-of-the-art equipment for all broadcasting environments and knows that with live TV you only have one shot.

Our trusted team are accomplished, they’re professional, and they know how to react and respond to the challenges and unpredictable situations that is the world of live TV. Supported by Delta’s office and warehouse staff our on-site team are great at all stages of broadcasting – from the recorded auditions stage to the nail-biting (and technically-challenging) live finals.

Using the best equipment, we know the challenges that these different environments throw up – from the logistics of nationwide recording to the creative expectations of live studio broadcasting – and have years of experience behind us to handle the job seamlessly.

Live audition

  • The logistical and operational ability to deal with evolving situations on the road
  • Ability to work in unusual spaces
  • Retain the impact of the live tour within the visual constraints of television


  • Recreating the live touring experience within a television studio
  • Providing simple and complex systems to overcome greater technical obstacles within the television studio environment
  • Dealing with the logistics of the live auditions and the aesthetic restrictions of the studio, scaling up for the live final