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“Every now and then we do an event that literally stops the nation and attracts worldwide attention”

There was only one place to be on Saturday 25th March 2017 and that was Meydan Racecourse. Even the rain couldn’t keep racegoers at bay! Meydan means a place to congregate and compete in Arabic, and that’s exactly what has been happening on the last Saturday in March since the Dubai World Cup was launched in 1996.
Thousands flocked Meydan dressed in their best suits, dresses, hats and fascinators to watch the final race of the Dubai World Cup Night carrying  an enviable purse of USD 10 Million;  which up until recently made Dubai World Cup the richest horse race in the world.
With thoroughbreds from all around the world lining up to race in one of the nine races, the pressure was on to deliver an opening and closing ceremony worthy of the star studded line up. Balich Worldwide Shows, in-conjunction with HQ Worldwide Shows not only rose to the challenge, but stop the crowd in their tracks with an awe-inspiring show.
Appointed by HQ Worldwide Shows, Delta Sound Dubai was brought in to deliver the audio and communications strategy across all of the day’s events and requirements.  Elaborating on the brief, project lead Andy Jackson explained, “It’s a complex set-up with the real detail being in the routing of signals across the vast site. The centre of the network sits within the infield control position and is interlinked via Optocore to the venues main control room.  It is from here where we can build out the infrastructure to access the entire site.  This includes our patch to the broadcast world feed, internal building transmission, commentary and VIP microphones, as well as feeding out to our own public address systems.”
Providing audio across such a vast venue is no easy feat. Boasting the world’s largest single structure grandstand reaching 1.6kn in length, audio solutions at Meydan Racecourse need to be both considered and detailed. Andy continued, “The PA consists of two systems in essence, by doing this we can create a timing difference to cater for where the action is taking place throughout the day. All speakers in the system are powered by L-Acoustics LA amplified controllers to offer us the most flexible control from anywhere in the system.”
Behind the scenes, Delta utilised a DiGiCo SD7 along with a dual redundant pair of Merging Technologies Ovation media servers for playback. Andy explained, “This combination of the SD7 and Ovation established a workflow that gave us the flexibility and stability needed to program complex show of this nature. Effectively we were in show mode for 12 hours from the beginning of the day through to the end of the closing ceremony.”

The communications system was once again centred around a Clearcom Eclipse matrix frame with Helixnet and Freespeak II units being used for stage management and cast movement communications locally backstage. 8 Motorola DR3000 bases were interfaced into the communications system, giving site wide coverage for all departments. Numerous separate control areas were serviced with Clearcom IP lever panels; making use of the Ethernet ports onboard the Optocore X6R units, which served as the back bone for the communications and audio for the event.
Delta Dubai also installed a temporary audio link to the hotels IP television network. This was dealt with by two AEQ Phoenix Venus audio over IP units coupled with Level-One media converters.
Finally, the Royal enclosure was installed with a small L-Acoustic PA system, comprising 8 x 5XT powered by LA4x amps. This system received its audio feeds through a BSS audio sound web link, which linked the Royal box to Delta’s Optocore ring.
Delta delivered yet another thorough audio and communications solution for one of the world’s greatest thoroughbred races!

Emirati culture is known to be both warm and welcoming to all of its guests. So it comes as no surprise that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, host to one of the world’s greatest horseraces, also hosts his international guests to an exclusive welcome dinner to commemorate such a momentous occasion.
AvantGarde with the help of AES designed and delivered a venue with a difference. Situated only a stone’s throw away from the Meydan Racecourse, the welcome dinner was built over the lake down at District One, one of Dubai’s newest developments.
The stage and seating was built over the lake complete with LED backdrop installed by CT and lighting delivered by Protec. Delta Sound Dubai’s Al Woods, designed a sounds solution to compliment the intricate stage design.  A wide PA and carefully placed infills, front fills and delays covered the venue perfectly. Delta introduced some of their newly purchased L-Acoustics X15, X12 and Kara small format coaxial and line array enclosures, not to mention their new digital Sennheiser 9000 series. “The biggest issue was the weather” explained Al Woods, “It was super windy and poured with rain for days. It was a real mission for all departments to keep everything dry and working. Never one to not rise to a challenge, we all worked as a team and pulled it together to deliver yet another successful event.”

A message from Carly McMillan from HQWS
“Wanted to say the hugest thank you, to you guys and your entire team. You all went above and beyond. We truly couldn’t have navigated this gig without your insight, patience and support, and are incredibly grateful for everything. An absolute pleasure to work with you, as always”

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