Immersive audio

Immersive Audio

The next level of ‘surround sound’ is here and is creating a true 3D audience experience.

With new formats like Auro-3D and Dolby-Atmos creating the sensation of ‘height’, audiences can now be transported to wherever they want to be with the help of the latest sound technology and design.
At Delta we design systems that create the best ‘canvas’ for video soundtracks by using 3D panning engines like Ovation, Sonic-Emotion and TiMax – with these immersive sensations now available outside the cinema too.

Our custom 3D loudspeaker arrays take the concept of the immersive cinema formats and enhance them with a limitless amount of layers and positions, without the symmetric restrictions cinema formats require.



Immersive audio is not restricted to loudspeaker arrays within a venue. With the use of Binaural recordings/encoding, and HOA (Higher Order Ambisonics), the sensation of height can now be delivered to each individual in an audience through a standard set of headphones plugged into any device – and with specific HOA panning tools can even react to head tracking.

Our designers, alongside our network of content creators, have produced Immersive Audio Experiences for a wide range of platforms including VR, concerts, public spaces, airports and experiential campaign events.